Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I Got the Blues

Finder's Keeper's Dress
Tony Bianco heels
ASOS rings

Since Brisbane is in the middle of winter, nothing is more appealing to me than a long-sleeved dress. As I am definitely not one to brave the cold weather, the greater the amount of material on a piece of clothing the better. After spotting this gorgeous Finder's Keepers dress I knew it was destined to be snuggled up in my wardrobe. The geometric striped print is quite unusual for me as I generally stick to a softer palette of both colours and prints. Teamed up with mustard sky-high Tony Bianco's, I am sure this dress is to become a favourite of mine this season, standing apart from the over-saturated trends of florals and neon in the market.


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Winter Lace

NANA shift dress.
Wittner heels. 

Now that I have officially finished uni for this semester and the rest of the year, I couldn't find any excuses not to finally start blogging...something I've been wanting to for months! I'm don't claim to be a professional nor am I an expert on fashion and everything that comprises the industry; however I hope you enjoy this sneak peak into all things I find beautiful, appealing and inspiring. Happy viewing :)